The Hardest Goodbye Pt. 3

This isn’t the story of a goodbye, instead it is the story of a hello.

A hello to a new beginning, a hello to a new age, a new era.

A hello to a new self.

The brighter, younger, lighter self. The one we’ve always longed for. The one we’ve dreamed ourselves to be.

I think what most of us lack is conviction.

Conviction in the world. Conviction in people. Conviction in ourselves.

Being born in a world where society thrives on people’s hardship and desires can often mislead us into such a perception.

Too frequent do we do things out of need; because it is expected of us, because we have to, because it is a necessity.

Too little do we do things because we choose to.

Too little do we do things because we can.


The Hardest Goodbye Pt. 2

Why is compassion deemed such an uncharacteristic character by society?   

Hmm, another question at the threshold.

Often we perceive compassion, and feelings in general, as a bad thing. Showing too much emotion means weakness, showing little to none means strength. An expression of feelings in this day and age is equivalent to the “taboo” topic of sex; you don’t talk about it.


Don’t abide by the unspoken rules set out by the voiceless population.

Find your voice.

Find your reason for being.

The Hardest Goodbye Pt. 1

This isn’t the story of a farewell to a parent, nor is it a farewell to those I love.

Instead, this is a goodbye to myself. Or rather, my old self.

But wait, aren’t I supposed to be a loved one as well?

Too many a time, we put ourselves aside for the betterment of others, belittling our problems and putting the needs of others above our own; so much so that we forget our own humanness.

Then again, isn’t that the gift of humanity? To care so much about even the littlest of things, like a broken fingernail or a cup of coffee that’s too hot or too cold. Isn’t that what we were made for? To show compassion?

Questions will forever plague our entire existence, unsure of whether answers will ever come forth. We thrive on progress but we fear the unknown. We have no knowledge of what tomorrow beholds, let alone the continuation of our survival.

The ever burning question is :

Why is compassion deemed such an uncharacteristic character by society?   



Society makes you do crazy things doesn’t it?

It makes you want to leave the house

It makes you want to crawl back into the house

It makes you smoke

It makes you drink

It makes you do a bunch of great things

It makes you think too little

It makes you think too much

It makes you want to do all things and everything

It makes you want to do nothing at all


All hail society.

future // past

embedded in me is the fear of the future

or is it the past

they both coincide so easily now

I can’t tell the difference between this and the last

fear of being left alone

fear of being unsure

what for is this fear

shall we make of it a leer?

we talk about the future

the present at times too

but somehow the past just catches up with you

I don’t know how to handle

I don’t know what to do

I suppose any day above ground will get us through


appreciate while you can

because feelings fleet and people go

that’s all you have.

An Ode to 2017

Well, where do I begin

It was January the 18th

It was then and there did I experience

The start of the unfolding

It was the first day of college

The beginning of beginnings

I was so nervous, never thought I’d fit in cause

It takes time

For things to be fine


January went by quickly

Then came the month of February

My high school friends threw me a party

Old college mates came to show me strength

It was probably the best birthday

of birthdays that ever came

I was grateful for the world

I kept on saying

It takes time

For things to be fine

True it takes time


February passed by then came the month of March

That was when I met the boy that taught me what we had was lust

Oh I’ve never felt ashamed

but the reason why it brought in change

was to teach me that in my life

you mustn’t give yourself away

for things to be okay

takes time


April went by fast

I don’t remember what happened then

May came by too

Boy I really hated school

It was then that you went mute

And I really hated you


June came and went by like a train

I know that was the month of exams

And also Ramadan

Where I didn’t do as much

Man I wish I had done more than that

Things became a mess back then

The family disarrayed

and ended up feeling betrayed


July was the start of a new semester

New feelings and new adventure

Friendships built to last

whatever we went weather

but some had gone away

couldn’t handle bout the change


August came and brought a gift

Someone to hold on and lift

spirits up high in the sky

Definitely not what I had in mind

What a surprise it turned to be

Finally had someone for me


September was when the pressure came

CCTs and other things

but I have to admit

it was pretty fun and lit


then came Halloween

boy October was a treat

dressed up and brought a feat

parties and dancing till we were beat


November was the immense pressure

exams were but a month away

assignments here and all over

sleep was claimed as a leisure

it was there and then

did we realise near of end


December was here and we weren’t ready

deadlines came at the steady

5 minutes late

as long as we passed it in

exams were there at the bay

then they passed like a fray


Graduation came

and it felt like such a daze

We were finally done with our year

it wasn’t all happy tears

some won’t be here next year

but that is the taste

of what life has us trained

I suppose it isn’t the same

we become attached and unattained

but what is there to do

except look forward to a newer you


I guess that’s all left to say

as the old year leaves and the newer stays

I’m glad you came anyway

knew you wanted to go away

thank you for the life

that you’ve managed to survive


This is an ode to you, and you,

But also an ode to me too

A lot of things has changed

And I suppose that’s part of fate

That’s it from me for now

I’ll see you in the New Year’s den

Watch me take a bow

You’ll see me back here again

With a newer soul and whole

Replenished and full of gold


In the end it all takes time ;

It takes time to be okay

And it’s okay to take time.

It’s okay to take time.