oh how people think they can damage you and walk away

how they mutilate you with their words and expect you to be okay

I’ve come too far to feel remorse for what I say

because by the end of time you’ll feel it day by day


I’m done with the racist comments and unnecessary statements

just know what’s done will come back to you,

that is blatant.


Acts of Betrayal

the act of betrayal is not uncommon

even more so by blood ties

you see, this happens much too often

submerged by countless white lies


the act of forgiveness is uncommon

sorry, the hardest word.

their hearts are cold and rotten

they’ll pretend it’s something unheard.


the act of acceptance is strenuous

one not many can master

often the situations are hazardous

recurrently, caused by disaster.



you do not get to talk to me like you used to.

to feign innocence

you do not get to act like nothing happened

like everything goes back to normal

you do not get to do that


because for months we were left without you

and you expect us to just let you waltz back into our lives

with not so much as an apology

and not so little as a goodbye




blinded by rage

heart rate elevated by pain

skin burns like fire

almost reaching the depths of insane


no longer is there peace to retain

a heart that once loved in pain

played it all like it was a game

watch me as I put you to shame.


i’ll blind you and burn you

turn your ashes to dust

sit in silence and watch

the mistake you made in breaking my trust.


pick up the sword you so wanted to shield

come kneel before me and yield

lust and power, watch you burn with pain

in that you’ll see

the rage I’ve so silently embedded in me.



the world is so tiring to me.

my heart wants all but to flee

the pain stakes through the heart

my pulses rising up the chart.

one day it’ll all be too late

for I’ll be waiting at heaven’s gate

too soon, too fast they will mourn

too bad it’s only after i’m gone.


i think it’s time I stop pretending

things are okay.

when in truth things are not.

and i feel nothing but pain.

and some days i feel nothing at all

and this is what happens

when you look for things to fill

the vast space in your heart


you fill yourself with you

and no thing else

and no one but you.


I’m done with everything, I say,

I can’t go about with this by day.

Triggers aren’t that far at bay

And someday

You’ll understand what I say.


I can no longer tolerate the nonsense

that comes about with this ignorance.

Everything too much for me to feel

please, place upon me a shield.

I’m done, my heart is sealed.